SeiMaxim: Attention World, Please Reset your Routers

  • 29th May 2018
500,000 devices with VPNFilter could be destroyed with a single command The FBI is asking everyone in the world to reset their routers in an attempt to neuter the Russian malware known as VPNFilter. VPNFilter was created by the Russian state-sponsored hacker group Fancy Bear (a.k.a. Sofacy, APT28). Last week the FBI obtained a warrant to shut ...
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SeiMaxim Dedicated Servers housed in USA top-tier Data center

  • 5th April 2018
Get connected with greater bandwidth and speed, whenever and wherever you're working. One of the largest in the world, our network comprises 27 Internet Exchange peering points and 44 points of presence across Europe, the U.S. and Asia. Together with our combination of private peering and global transit provider arrangements we maintain an ...
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Multiple Critical Security Vulnerabilities - Meltdown and Spectre exploits

  • 17th January 2018
Dear Valued customer,It has been disclosed recently by researchers that multiple critical security vulnerabilities are affecting many Intel and amd CPU actitechtures. Security engineers within Intel and each operating system’s community are working to provide patches to eliminate this threat.  Your servers may be vulnerable and should be ...
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