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If you want to make your website with WordPress or create a blog with it, you first have to install it on your hosting account.

  1. Click from the cPanel home page in the section web applications on WordPress blog.
  2. Click Install this application .
  3. Complete the following fields and click Install.

 Location - Domain

Select the domain name you want to use. If you want to use a subdomain (for example,, you must add the subdomain to your account 

Location - Folder (optional)

Specify the folder where you want to install WordPress. If you want to use WordPress as the website for the domain you have selected in the Domain field, check that the Folder field is empty.

If you enter a word in the field, that is where WordPress is installed, and in the web address (the URL) for the site you create, the folder name is included. For example, if you type blog in the Folder field, becomes the web address for your WordPress website.


Select the version of WordPress you want to use. We recommend using all these standard settings.


There are various options for you that are generated automatically.  It is important to view it because it contains the username and password you need to use to log in to your WordPress site.
It is important to remember the user name for the administrator and password for the administrator .Also make sure that you enable the Dual Authentication option that you want to use.


Select how you want to manage advanced options such as database management and backups.

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