How do ZFBot and Name Droppers have an access to all domain name databases? What services are they using to fetch all the information about domains like searching by a keyword and others? Print

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Zfbot, the domain search tool tracking hundreds of millions of domain names, has switched to paid status after a decade of offering it for free.

Subscriptions cost $4.99 dollars per month, or $49.99 dollars when paid in advance for an entire year – a fair price for active domain research without any limitations.

Let’s say you want to buy a domain name such as What the ZFbot tool does (if you set up the search functions correctly) will go through the search engines and gather up up to 10,000 websites (for free) that have the term “SeiMaxim” in it. So basically you could get see results come back such as;

bestseimaxim . com

seimaximall . com

seimaximall . com

The point is, you probably have the “best” version of the domain name since you have

When you see several websites with similar versions of the domain name you acquired and may want to sell this should tell you a few things:

  • Your a domain picking GURU
  • There could be several “end users” who could potentially want to upgrade to the domain you have
  • If you have the .COM version, it puts you are a better position for an “end user” to come knocking on your door

ZFBot usually archive domain details from whois database available publicly. You can install WHOis software on any Linux machine. After installation just use command “whois domainname”. 

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