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The answer is yes, as long as consumers and people in general, upon seeing your domain or visiting your site, won’t be confused and assume the site is an official one, or that it’s in some way related to the company.

For instance, there’s a site called www . seimaximinsider . com, which covers all things related to SeiMaxim news and product promotions. SeiMaxim is a registered trademark, but they can use it because the domain www . seimaximinsider . com makes it clear that it’s a news site and not related to SeiMaxim in any way.

If you use the domain Shared Web Hosting - Dedicated Servers - VPS - Domain registration for your site, on the other hand, some consumers could get confused and assume that’s an official website from SeiMaxim for hosting, and this would get you in trouble. If that company sued you over this domain you would probably lose the domain and even be ordered to pay damages to them.

Many cases are not a clear cut as the ones above, however. For instance, what if you named your site SeiMaximrumourspro.? It’s not easy to say whether consumers could get confused or not in those cases. You may check from SeiMaxim Domain and hosting and see if domain of your choice is available.

My advice is to avoid those gray areas, as probably you would need to go to court to find out whether or not you have the right to use the trademark on your domain, meaning that you would need to spend money and handle quite a headache.

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