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In cPanel, you have to set up custom PHP values for our websites such as upload sizes, file timeouts, and resource limits. etc. These settings cannot be changed on server wide, you will have to make these changes locally in your cPanel account. In such case we can create php.ini file with customized values.

The php.ini file is the default configuration file for running PHP based applications . For creating that file follow the steps below:

1. Login to cPanel, Go to File Manager and browse public_html.

2. Now click the 'New File' link at the top of the page to create your php.ini file

3. You will now see a popup asking you to name and create the new file.

4. Once the php.ini file has been created. The next step is to edit the file and add the values that you would like to customize.

The most common parametersthat can be changed in the php.ini file are:


After changing the values save the file as php.ini. 


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