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  • SAN storage connecting esxi with DELL COMPELLENT
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To manually align the VMFS block boundaries to the Storage Center page boundaries for your own performance testing, the recommended offset when creating a new datastore is 8192 (or 4 MB).

HBA Settings

Recommended queue depth settings for controllers with 4/8 GBPS FE ports:

  • HBA BIOS = 255
  • Driver module = 255
  • Disk.SchedNumReqOutstanding = 32 (Default but Increase/decrease as necessary)

Find the appropriate driver name for the module that is loaded:

vmkload_mod –l |grep qla

Next, set the driver queue depth and timeouts

esxcfg-module -s ql2xmaxqdepth=255 ql2xloginretrycount=60 qlport_down_retry=60

Next, you need to update the boot config:

esxcfg-boot –b



As mentioned earlier the Compellent is an active-active controller hence the SATP plugin will have to be changed:

esxcli nmp satp setdefaultpsp --psp VMW_PSP_RR --satp VMW_SATP_DEFAULT_AA

Note: The round robin path selection policy should not be used for volumes belonging to guests running Microsoft Clustering Services

Note: mappings that already existed beforehand will have to be set manually.

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